The Adkins Acadmy best TEAS or HESI prep course for students trying to get into nursing school and get an RN degree.

LIVE CLASSES   |    INTERACTIVE   |   800+ QUESTIONS   |   Repetition

All Classes are taught by Dr. Adkins directly for 4 - 6 hours. You can ask questions in real time.

Classes are Sundays (3p ET) & Wednesday (6p ET). Flexible Schedule, you choose your days.

The Adkins Academy reviews for TEAS and HESI preparation to get accepted into nursing school and get an ADN or BSN degree.

Once you make your payment, you will get an e-mailed receipt and we will get one too. At that point, we will get you registered and on the roster. You will start receiving invites to the classes on Sundays or Wednesdays or Sundays & Wednesdays depending on your selection. Class invites are sent out via e-mail about 30 minutes before each class. Please log in early. Your class material will be uploaded to your folder for you to download and print out if you did not receive your required material for class in the mail before your scheduled class. Dr. Adkins likes to see that you are understanding the material, so EVERYONE'S camera is REQUIRED to be on during the class and you will need to be in the frame of the camera. Please take notes during the class and feel free to ask plenty of questions. For office hours, please call or text Dr. Adkins directly. You will received Dr. Adkins's text number once your join the program. We look forward to helping you get a high score.

The Adkins Academy review say The Adkins Academy TEAS review course is the best course for getting pass the TEAS test and into nursing school.
CNAs, LPNs, MAs can get their RN by preparing for the TEAS or HESI exam with The Adkins Academy for a higher score on the TEAS Test to get into nursing school for their ADN or BSN.


Students acceptance letters to competitive schools with tutoring from the best TEAS and HESI tutor Dr. Adkins of The Adkins Academy.
The Adkins Academy YouTube Channel is a great resource for learning about TEAS & HESI concepts and questions to get a great TEAS or HESI score and get accepted into nursing school.

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